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Tired of feeling overwhelmed

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Information Overload

In today’s world information is abundant yet time is scarce. And as a student, you're probably drowning in deadlines, constantly searching for ways to get your tasks done faster.

Where Simplicity meets the Power of AI

But what if there was a platform that could do it all? A tool that combines the simplicity and the power of artificial intelligence?

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App Fatigue

You constantly jump from one app to another, trying to find the perfect tool that can keep up with your needs which only leads to burnout and fatigue.

Designed for Efficiency

Intellecs.ai is built for those who wants to get academic tasks done faster without the struggle of wrestling with complex apps that promises productivity but ends up taking their time away.

How intellecs can make

your student life easier

Essay Writing

Organize your thoughts and create well-crafted essays that will impress your profs!

Research Faster

Forget about endless googling! Our AI can access online articles and content, giving you reliable info in a snap!

Writing Made Easy

Capture your brilliant ideas and information with our super intuitive writing platform! It's like Google Docs with drag-and-drop function.

Ask AI Anything

It's like having your own personal ChatGPT built in right in your workspace, ready to help you understand even the most mind-boggling concepts!

Grammar Checker

Our AI can simplify long texts, paraphrase complex sentences, and change your writing tone to fit any situation - from academic papers to professional reports!

Ask PDFs & Videos

Imagine having a convo with your research materials and lesson plans all without leaving the platform!

Why students love

using our product

"Intellecs is a total lifesaver! 🙌 It's so easy to use and helps me quickly

find the key info I need from my readings, without the stress of skimming through 30+ pages."



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How does it actually work?

Check out the sneak peek into the app below!


Access everything in the platform

No more Ctrl + F's just to find the information you need from your PDFs. Just upload your research materials and start chatting with your own documents making research faster!

Benefits of having multiple resources

Get information faster

Gather deeper insights

Understand complex subject

Reduce your tab clutter

AI With Youtube & Internet Access

Ask your questions away!

Imagine not having to switch tabs or go back and forth between your resources and your writing tool. With Intellecs, you can get AI-powered answers that are reliable, accurate, and up to date - straight to your document!

What's with Ask AI?

Be more efficient in researching

Get specific and accurate answers

Reduce manual googling

AI Writing Assistant

Paraphrase, fix your grammar, change writing style and more - all in one click

Our AI writing assistant goes beyond grammar and spelling - it enhances your own words, improves your vocab, refines your tone, and optimizes your structure. Produce top-notch essays, papers, and assignments in no time!

Why is our writing assistant the best?

Your own words but made better!

Write 10x faster than before

No need to install multiple extensions, it's all built in!

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