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Elevate your note-taking experience

Embrace AI-powered features, organize with ease, and centralize your knowledge—all in one note-taking app. Note taking has never been easier.

Powerful building blocks to easily structure your content. Build your own perfect workflow.

Supercharge your note taking with AI

Features built to help you take notes faster and more efficiently.

Q&A from Multiple Sources

Retrieve answers from multiple sources, including your own knowledge base.

Information is scattered across multiple sources, and may be hard to find. We help you retrieve answers from all of them.

Broad AI Knowledge Base

Harness AI and it's broad knowledge base and problem solving capabilities. provides you with comprehensive answers drawn from a broad corpus of information, simplifying research and note-taking.

Your Ultracapable Writing Assistant

Write better, work better, and communicate more effectively.

Enhance your writing with AI that adapts to your style, rephrases content, and helps you communicate with impact.

Frequently asked questions

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Is free?
Yes, is free to use with limitations. However, we do offer different subscription plans which you can learn more about on our pricing page.
Is there mobile support?
No. is only available on desktop / laptops for now.
Is there a context limit on the AI?
The free plan has a context limit of 4k tokens. An upgrade to any of the plans will increase the context limit to 16k tokens.
Why does the AI have a context limit?
The context limit serves as a necessary constraint to ensure the model operates efficiently, and consistently provides coherent and contextually relevant responses.
Do I need a credit / debit card to upgrade to premium?
Yes! We accept all major credit and debit cards. If you're in the Philippines, we also accept GrabPay, and Maya!
Can I cancel / request a refund for my subscription?
You can cancel your premium subscription at any time, however is being bootstrapped by one person so it can't offer refunds at this time.
What is a bootstrapped business?
A bootstrapped business is a business that is being funded by the founder's own money.
Can I switch between plans?
Yes, you can easily switch between different plan types. If you're upgrading to a higher tier, you'll be charged the difference between the two plans.

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